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How to get to Vieremä: Accommodation and places to visit

Kiinteistö Oy Vieremän Hakatalot is a real estate company owned by Vieremän kunta.


Vieremä warmly welcomes tourists to enjoy modern country life. The municipality covers nearly 1,000 km and contains about 4,000 inhibitants, thus representing an average municipality in Finland.

“The Finnish name for the municipality Vieremä meaning ’landslide’ presumably has its origin in a landslide or maybe the gently sloping fields near Lake Vieremänjärvi just look as it suffered from a landslide. If there has been a landslide indeed, it must have occurred between Kyrönniemi and Huutoniemi. That is the place where the River Vieremänjoki has broken a new channel.”
Source: Vieremän kirja ’The Book of Vieremä’


Historically the first permanent inhabitants and thus the origins of Vieremä date back to the 16th century when Finland was still under the Swedish Crown and the living came mainly from the nature. Today in the 21st century Vieremä is a peaceful but lively place to live where values of life are greatly appreciated. Even today the industry and tourism are based on the nature – the southern Vieremä provides luxuriant countryside with lakes, the harsh beauty of the northern Vieremä with its ridges, wilderness, and abundant wildlife fascinates and invites you for a walk to listen to the peace of the countryside.

In addition to nature and tranquillity, Vieremä is also a modern employer. Metal and forests go quite naturally hand in hand – PONSSE OYJ(avautuu uuteen ikkunaan, siirryt toiseen palveluun) , the biggest manufacturer of forest machinery in Finland,  LUJABETONI OY, a versatile company manufacturing products from concrete.There is also gravel transportation, sawing, gardening, honey, handicraft, just to name a few. And of course one of the most important field of all -agriculture – milk, meat, corn, natural cultivation. In this particular area milk production alone is third largest in the whole country.

In Vieremä there is both cottage and guest house accommodation available and your host will be happy to help you organise and guide any excursions in the area.

The centre of quietness in Kyrönniemi is a place everyone should visit – at the same time it is a visit into your own body and mind. You’ll find further information about different events, concerts or, for instance, popular Vieremä horse races from your host or local tourist information centre.

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